Is blogging a good idea for aspiring writers?

Writer’s confession: I dread blogging my fiction.  Despite having created this blog for just that purpose, I hit “Move to Trash” on nearly every post I begin.

The truth is, I’m afraid that if I publish something now that’s not 100% amazing, mediocrity will be forever tied to me.

I’m trying to get better and, as we know, practice is the best way.  I want to tell stories that are worth individuals’ time.  Ancora imparo – “Yet, I am learning.”

While I love the organization and potential for feedback in the blogging platform, an online record of 1000 sloppy, failed, or unfinished attempts could mar potential future achievements.  Perhaps this is why writers have a reputation for being hermits, locked into a cave with hundreds of scribbled journals hidden from daylight.

What do you think: is a blog a smart place for novices to practice creative writing?

The Grinders

I wrote this a while ago, for a writing exercise I do not remember.  I didn’t like it at the time, but I didn’t delete it either (unusual for me).  I suppose it wants to be published instead.


​We worked so hard to get here, climbed so high, ran so long, reached so far.  Finally, we settle into comfortable molds.  Everything’s going to be fine at last.  We can rest.

But something is wrong.  We don’t quite fit into the spaces.  There are parts of us hanging out over the sides.

I look up at the enormous weight hovering above and panic.  If they close that lid, parts of me will be cut off forever.  “Wait!” I say.  Where are the attendants?

I’m not the only one.  All around me, I hear growing, desperate whimpers of others.  Realization came too slowly for change.  Who is running this place anyway?

I hear the hard crash of a lid somewhere down the line of pods.  Someone screams his agony, then quiets.

I lift my head as far out as I can.  I can just barely see the closed pod, with a pool of imagination around it on the floor.

This isn’t right.  We have to escape.