Eating Your Venom

You were shiny, you were new.
Then you cracked, I was glue.
What you knotted, I’d undo.
What you needed, I pursued.
If you tore, I could stitch.
When you broke, I would fix.
If you crumbled, I could patch.
When you stumbled, I would catch.

You leave me, I follow.
You poison, I swallow.
You cry, blame the stars, the past.
I can take it, I can last.
Take your swings, I can duck.
Tear me down, I’m still stuck.
Shred my wings and laugh out loud.
Hold them up to please the crowd.

I am humbled, I am broken.
I am words that hate to be spoken.
Love is bruised, body worn.
Patience thin, mind is torn.
I hope you fly, hope you soar.
Wish you peace and so much more.
You don’t learn, you won’t hear.
Don’t fall now, I’m not near.


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