Mother’s Day Letter

This blog’s name (QuillTakesFlight) actually came from a line in the following letter, written for my mom last Mother’s Day.  This year, I’m sharing it with other mothers and daughters.

***I just wanted to add that I’m very proud of how far my mom has come since this time last year.  She is happier, healthier, and stronger.  She has reclaimed her life.

Mother’s Day Letter

Writing is my gift and this is the most important thing I’ve ever written, so

if this letter can’t save your life, I will write you an epic in iambic pentameter

if the epic can’t, a book

if the book can’t, an anthology

and if the anthology can’t, I’ll never write again.

Because, you see, the feathers of my quills will string together and take flight

into the boundless skies of inspiration

leaving me behind.

You know that when I’m lost beyond thought, I always go to you.

How could I create a sentence without thought?

How could I write without sentences?

What good are my words without you listening?

Please never say again, “I wish to leave, I have nothing” because

My sister, mom, and me.

we’re here and we need your self,

even if your self is broken

even if you’re sick of your self

even if you hate your self

even if you forgot your self

after so many years of trying to be selfless.

Even if you’ve lost your self, mom,

remember what we always said to each other?

You can’t lose me.

That was our song.

Didn’t you mean it?

Please never walk away.

Walk with me as far as you can walk,

then crawl with me when you can’t walk,

then sit with me when you can’t crawl,

and we’ll remember how far we traveled together.

And when the time comes,

I will carry you off into the sunset,

wherever you wish to sleep.

This is not that time.

You know you can’t lose me.

I won’t lose you either.

Reclaim yourself.


The world would never be the same without her.


5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Letter

  1. Yeah, but lack of time. Hahaha. Need more time.
    Still hard for me to divide my time.
    But I really want to write fiction and fantasy books…

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