Never (not for you)

PROMPT: Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

I’ll never write your name, when I tell the world all about you. 

I’m vengeful, not petty. 

When I incarcerate you in my fiction, your misdeeds and mistakes will be laid bare.

But I will not fabricate faults or falsify flaws that weren’t yours already. 

Truth be told (and it will be), I have no need to overstate your failings.

In fact, I won’t spend much time on you.  You don’t deserve it.

All I will give you is a cold mirror.

And I will certainly never write that you’re forgiven. 

Should you develop a conscience someday, seek redemption elsewhere.


TIME: 15 minutes

SOURCE:  the Daily Prompt by the Daily Post


6 thoughts on “Never (not for you)

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    • Whoa, thank you! Don’t worry. Almost all fellow comic book nerds are exempt from my “list” and it’s not an easy list on which to land. ;)

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