origin of a cat lady

for weeks now (already?)

the kitty sleeps on the pillow next to my face
instead of on top of my chest

it’s like she knows it would make me sad every day
to start by seeing the empty place where you once were

so instead I roll over each morning
and get swiped in the face with a tail

true love


5 thoughts on “origin of a cat lady

  1. Thank God for the sweet companionship of a cat!! They really say what they mean. They aren’t out to please you falsely. They really let you know when they are happy (though they do purr when they are nervous too.)

    • Yessss, their love is (sometimes brutally) honest. You know exactly when it’s on/off time for affection, haha. :]

      <3 my Windy who carries me through the storms.

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