The worst thing a good person can do to a bad person…

My Blessing to You​

I grant you as much joy as you put into the world.

No one will ever speak an untrue negative word about you.

You won’t be punished for anything you didn’t do,

or suffer the loss of that which you earned for yourself.

You’ll receive the treatment you bestow,

and the goodness of your intentions will return to you from others.

I grant you forgiveness for mistakes,

in equal measure to your heartfelt regret and just reparations.

To that end, I send you the empathy to experience how you make others feel,

as well as full understanding of your actions and their consequences.

Your health will last as long as it takes you to fulfill your positive purpose.

You should, and will, get everything in life that you deserve.

This is my blessing to you.

Our rules are different, so it does not compare to what you’ve granted others.

But then, we were never comparable anyway, were we?


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