–You like your poetry with a bit of rhyme.
So I threw some into here (kind of, sometimes).–

Some prefer pictures. Others scoff, “They’re not deeds.”
But words still mean so much to someone like me.

Authors weave their text while extroverts talk lots.
I’ll always be both if I like it or not.

We’ve already built a new language ourselves.
We have effortless fun and well-stocked bookshelves.

So surely it befuddles one so astute
that sometimes I still swiftly go rather mute.

Once, a while ago, I almost lost my voice.
Writing, like love, is a deliberate choice.

My view about labels was really just this:
“If you don’t define things, they’re harder to miss.”

But I’m done with dread and I forego hiding.
I don’t want to stop our worlds from colliding.

So you can write them down or just take them in.
You can swallow them whole. I’ll type them again.

You can choose them carefully or blurt them out.
You can whisper or murmur or sing or shout.

We can dance and date and enjoy and entwine.
You can say I’m yours; I’d love to call you mine.


One thought on “Words

  1. Feelings

    I do enjoy rhyming
    Quite a lot
    You’re so cute
    To give it a shot

    Although you did quite well
    I know it’s not your norm
    So I also tried a poem
    Of a different form:

    This is not enough
    Haiku are so restricting
    I have more to say

    Well that didn’t go so well
    As you can see
    (But I don’t really mind
    More rhyming for me!)

    I know I’ve told you before
    About my worry that I’m broken
    Like how it seems I can’t cry
    Or say things I’d like spoken

    But reading your words
    Makes me feel so much…stuff
    That I want to say things
    Even if it is tough

    So whatever the reason
    My tears seem to halt
    (Perhaps my body
    Too much enjoys salt?)

    I want you to know
    I feel more than I thought
    I even feel the emotions
    With which tears are brought

    (Was that grammar correct?)
    You really make me try
    Well you don’t make me do anything
    I’ll attempt to clarify:

    When I’m around you
    I want to be better
    I want to do things
    Like check every letter
    I want to be happy and healthy
    I want to stay around a while
    I want to do all the things
    That let me see your beautiful smile

    You make me so happy
    I hope that you know
    I really have no plans
    Nor desire to go.

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