Unconditional Love is Not Romantic.

I learned something: if you want a lover (and you’re under no obligation there), don’t settle for less than someone who understands and can provide your version of love. Here are some thoughts on mine.

Unconditional Love is Not Romantic.

Because compulsory devotion is not attractive.
Nobody should idealize the notion of automatic dedication.
If I could not control my love, how could I choose you?

Be in love with my free will instead, my consciously and continuously placing you apart from all others.
Understand that we each hold in our hands the power to destroy the other’s affection through certain words or actions.
But we never do.

Love, like life, thrives through nurturing.
I do not accept abuse of my heart any more than that of my body.
If someone breaks it, I pull the components back together, recreate them, or replace them.

Perhaps humbled and devastated, maybe slowly and with great agony,
But somehow, I redeem every ounce of my capacity to love.
And eventually, I give it to someone deserving.

Someone who could, and would want to, say daily:

I know who you are.
I am not in love with the teamwork or the familiarity or the passion or the myriad of additional, wonderful benefits that accompany partnership.
I am not in love with being in love.
I am in love with you.
And it would be my honor to spend today making you happy.

Someone for whom you, without hesitation, could reciprocate those words.

Love is earned, again and again.
It’s a privilege to earn it, not work.
Respect yourself, your partnerrespect love itself.
Terms and conditions apply.
And they should.


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