the third

I was laying


in my bed

in the morning

in half-woke torpor

my mother walked in

and gave me

a perfume

a tiny vial

a gift

when I sprayed it

it granted my wishes

I flew

made people happy

experienced joy

This is the third dream I remember.

When I woke up from this dream, I was laying down in half-woke torpor, in the morning, in my bed. My mother walked in and gave me a gift, a tiny vial, a perfume.

The corporeal bottle’s label says,

“Simple Pleasures”.

I am

selectively superstitious

and whimsical,

just like everyone else.

So when I make important wishes

I still spritz it on my heart

and keep it


I was almost an adult. My first wish was the most frivolous. I wished for a good prom. It worked out, though the girl I went with didn’t.

I typically forget

it exists.

It is

a very tiny bottle

and I hide

it from myself. Somehow

I, who could

easily misplace

the Earth itself,

have yet

to lose it.