Silhouettes Exist, Though They Are Not the Thing Itself

This morning I was driving to work at first light
Pondering art in my morning commute
Committing myself to attempting to paint some day
Considering shapes and colors
Settling on a light yellow fade to light blue, punctuated with silhouettes

I thought
because of the paleness of the sky, 
perhaps I could create this drawing
with a sponge or a cloth rather than a brush
to keep the color from being too thick or intense

Later this morning
I started reviewing developmental psychology
to help a client with a concern
clicked the next suggested article on humanism
(for obvious reasons)
and read a quote from Nietzche
“God is Dead”
apparently credited towards the initiation of agnosticism and atheism in society
humanism arising from a unique intersection
of the faithful and the secular

During lunch
I decided to read this famous parable in full,
having somehow missed it in school,
(I wonder)
and I was struck dumb
with the line
in the midst of a spiritual man’s crisis about God’s departure
“Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon?”

What an interesting contrast to my morning;

I wonder what the rest of the day will draw.