you arrive screaming

what a terrifying thing

infinite potential for harm and kindness

more screaming, more and more, at all hours

like you know about this place already

I, on behalf of the shattered

then partially and insufficiently reconstructed

planet, apologize

what suffering will

you cause, alleviate, survive

and who will you blame?

completely dependent

requiring the most meticulous


love and competence


nurturing and nudging

every broken person

was one of you once too

I remember that every day

I chose them

for my laboring heart

and perhaps excessively conscientious mind

(someone has to choose them and you appeal to far more)

but for you

I offer deepest hope

meager resources

a desperate longing to protect

and bandaging when needed

I know

nothing could spare you

from the machinations of this world

still we share it

awe and fear

complexity and wonder

only fools see cute simplicity

you make everyone a fool

we are court jesters

desperate for your smile

however brief