Jesus Girl

She knew my ex, though they weren’t exactly close.

She asked if I was studying the Bible and I said no.

(But I would.)

We had so much fun at her house, up in her room.

I remember how her hair wouldn’t stay neatly tucked behind her ear.

But I don’t remember any passages we reviewed.

We didn’t go near the so-called clobber verses.

She didn’t bring it up.

(But I would.)

One day, I crashed the party with, “I guess if there’s a chance I might offend god, I should just date men.”

And she said, “Yeah, that’s probably for the best.”

I stopped going.

We lost touch.

Years later, a mutual friend blurted out,

“You would never guess what Jesus girl said to me! She said if she was ever going to date a girl, it would have been you!”

Then He laughed.

And I didn’t.

(But I would.)