bluebirds and black murmurations

the weather was so nice today

weird; I thought it was winter

I’m not complaining


I don’t think I would survive a frost

I used to watch where river churns into bay

during my commute, the waters brought me peace

it’s obstructed now, construction

humans need more roads

I like to walk in a nearby park

the place where I discovered bluebirds exist

not just as cartoon companions for Disney princesses

like pieces of the sky soaring all around

they’re hard to find now, more construction

humans need more water treatment plant buildings

I went anyway today

listening to meditation music, trying to focus on the trees past the traffic cones and grass around the dump trucks

I was starting to feel better

three men, walking in the center of the field, two of them hurling large rocks from the path

at low-passing blackbirds

just for fun

blackbirds join mixed flocks, tens of thousands strong

soaring together in effortless interspecies harmony


but it sure makes for a wide target

I’m sorry

sometimes you just don’t feel worth it

and I could burn out tonight

what exactly would you do then, I wonder?

but the cat in my lap is purring

and one of the trio wasn’t throwing rocks

the scales teeter totter

and I keep it up a bit longer