I’m running out of space I have to delete your face years ago, you’d never know I’d be the one to erase – I know I cannot keep you here I know your life is short, my dear the first, my other, left her mother now all I have is fear – I snap a […]

greeting season

I often say I hate winter my circulation sucks, I’m always cold I’ve never had enough warm clothes or warm enough clothes maybe or maybe just warm enough thoughts because in winter everything dies colors leave everyone preaches – but – 2022 was a fucking onslaught. – I don’t think I hate winter the days […]


You ask me who I am Because I asked you if you know Trying to ricochet my question As if I can use this language to define myself Something I didn’t ask you to do I could show you, maybe if you were looking But first reconsider the nature of the question Don’t you know […]


when my mind is aflame with the knowledge of the stars I am in awe and fear will the light burn through my skull small pinprick beams forming constellations will my head make a nice lantern where did the off switch go it’s too warm to hold long I go dim again

Jesus Girl

She knew my ex, though they weren’t exactly close. She asked if I was studying the Bible and I said no. (But I would.) We had so much fun at her house, up in her room. I remember how her hair wouldn’t stay neatly tucked behind her ear. But I don’t remember any passages we […]


students overwhelmed spaces at my high school back then its mascot was still “the confederates” when we tried to change the backlash was total that year a lot of rebel flags and angry bumper stickers filled the parking lot horticulture class was in one of the overflow trailers with an attached greenhouse I signed up […]

Re Verse

I was on an island in the Bahamas before hurricane Sandy came my first such trip, saved-for, carefully planned I felt melancholy trying to enjoy my 4 hours ashore before they swept us back onto a cruise ship for an ahead-of-schedule (and utterly miserable) journey home I couldn’t manage enjoyment imagining the fears of island […]


One for sorrow Two for fear Red for flesh Blue for tears White for lies Stripes for bars Don’t forget to count the stars


You look. You look like someone. You look like someone I used. You look like someone; I used to. You look like someone I used to know. You look like someone. I used to know who. You look like someone… I used to know who cares. You look. Like someone I used to know, who […]