Dream Analysis

What to make of this series? Clouds, stars, disappearing, wish fulfillment, storms, dancing. It’s all just phantasmagoria. but sometimes I wonder if my mind is constantly trying to remind me in my sleep not to care too much not to be too much not to say too much when I awaken

the second

I was standing in the doorway that led to the kitchens at my high school on a good day, when teachers sent us to lunch on-time, that’s where we may get in line on bad days, they let us out too late and we wound up in (and down and around) the adjoining halls I […]

the first

I was standing outside on a hill surrounded by people who were staring at the sky pointing up shouting “there’s mine!” and “there’s yours!” enthusiastically I looked up everywhere, picturesque white clouds the kind that look like luxury and comfort but I learned later in life would actually only feel cold and slightly wet against […]

wake up call

I had a dream not long ago. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. In my dream, a tree had fallen on me. I remember it slowly bearing down as I wriggled. I remember the squeezing sensation of my skull approaching its cracking point. But, most of all, I remember the horrible flight of hope. The […]

More Storms

I have always dreamed of storms. For years, I’ve seen them approach. They were unbearably colossal; I feared their size more than their wrath. Sudden and dreadful, they closed off the sun. I was always alone, my insides full of defeat. I dream of them still. But they are different now, as am I. I […]


I dozed off and dreamed… I was pulling off pieces of my face (which sounds more violent than it looked). They were like tiny mosaic tiles or maybe chips of painted porcelain. In fact, it felt incredibly liberating to shed their weight. Unfortunately, the vantage point of the dream kept zooming away, so I couldn’t […]

The Tear Collector

I once wrote, “You only like beginnings, puzzles, and broken things.” Last night I dreamt you were catching my tears in a vial and holding me. It went on like that for a long time. Finally, I stopped crying. I smiled at you. You smiled back.  Later I would wish I could have frozen myself […]

unbuilt sandcastles

I always have the most obvious dreams… I run with you on a beach and we giggle and play around.  It’s gorgeous.  But you get ahead of me little by little, slipping around bends where I cannot see you.  I start worrying. Suddenly, you aren’t running down the beach anymore, but toward the ocean instead.  […]

free speech

A nightmare woke me. We were under a beautiful cherry blossom tree. You said, “I chose to be with you and I knew what it meant.  You’re enough.” It was lovely.  You did say something like that once, so it was admittedly more memory than dream at first. (We laid on the bed that was […]