More Storms

I have always dreamed of storms. For years, I’ve seen them approach. They were unbearably colossal; I feared their size more than their wrath. Sudden and dreadful, they closed off the sun. I was always alone, my insides full of defeat. I dream of them still. But they are different now, as am I. I […]

The Urban Wilds

Outside near my office in the city, another tree just quit.  When I arrived years ago, there was one dead tree. I remember thinking it looked odd amongst the healthy, manicured ones that lined the sidewalks within perfect squares of dirt. The landscaping surprised and delighted me at first. It just makes me sad now. […]

Before I go

They have to go first, please. Sometimes I get angry with myself for having held onto them for too long.  They kept me afloat when storms raged and aglow when skies darkened. For considerable time I couldn’t have released them because they were effective life support. I sustain myself now. Fairness and pain no longer […]

Accomplishments To-Date

Yesterday: Ate brownies for breakfast. Burnt a 7-minute frozen pizza (lol timers, who needs those?). Did not put on “real” clothes entire day. Found out my employer is being purchased by one I’d have never considered, having heard only horrible things. Office relocation – likely. Benefits nerfing/policy changes – unavoidable. Downsizing – possible. Annual raises […]

for better or worse

08.22.2015 – I dreaded facing this date for months. what I used to think was going to happen I do not recognize the girl in that January photograph – physically, emotionally, or otherwise. The end of the relationship was the end of her too.  I don’t mean this as hyperbole.  Nothing causes you to peel off […]

How to Be Alone

Before this past April, I had never lived alone. Nor has my brother.  Nor my sister.  Nor most of the close friends I polled today; two did for one month.  I do have a friend who told me months ago that she lived alone for about a year and it was an enlightening experience.  I […]

Never (not for you)

PROMPT: Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about. I’ll never write your name, when I tell the world all about you.  I’m vengeful, not petty.  When I incarcerate you in my fiction, your misdeeds and mistakes will be laid bare. But I will not fabricate faults or falsify flaws that weren’t yours already.  […]

7 Shades of Amber

Sometimes I feel like I’m not a person – I’m more like seven people, all clamoring to control my brain for a period of time. Meet the seven Ambers: (1) Save-the-world Amber.  The original Amber.  Says “Good morning!” and smiles while passing strangers.  Unabashedly trusting. Likes: giving people gifts, random acts of kindness, spending time […]