you arrive screaming what a terrifying thing infinite potential for harm and kindness more screaming, more and more, at all hours like you know about this place already I, on behalf of the shattered then partially and insufficiently reconstructed planet, apologize what suffering will you cause, alleviate, survive and who will you blame? completely dependent […]


trucks trailers and campers keep right I steer none of these but I move anyway the right side of the bridge to see a brief, uninterrupted expanse where sea and cosmos merge the sun cannot draw a line here calling it the horizon fire and earth create such anchors water and air are for floating […]

Silhouettes Exist, Though They Are Not the Thing Itself

This morning I was driving to work at first lightPondering art in my morning commuteCommitting myself to attempting to paint some dayConsidering shapes and colorsSettling on a light yellow fade to light blue, punctuated with silhouettes I thoughtbecause of the paleness of the sky, perhaps I could create this drawingwith a sponge or a cloth rather than […]


it’s pouring this year I mean today I mean this year as it goes sometimes last year everything dried up everyone everywhere was parched this year, it all flooded back in and then some we may grumble have to change our clothes and our lives but I don’t mind all this weathering with you let’s […]

Therapy Poem 2: Pessimism

Pessimism is one of the hardest forms of suffering. Pessimism is unassuaged by goodness. Pessimism looks a gift horse in the mouth and then punches it. – Pessimism insists on calling badness inevitable and constant and then making it such to perpetuate itself. Pessimism does not allow space for the possibility of improvement. Pessimism rebuffs […]

works of fire

the sky shattered and tiny pixels rained down blinking and hissing nearby another burst sent waves of gems across thickening layers of smoke evening reports creatures of the locale tuned in, keyed up, screeched back we did know light could deafen having seen and heard storms but who knew black sand from the earth could […]


you don’t belong here you’re here to take it in you’re not here to let it in observe the I-ness of 10,000 things the way each has limited capacity for the others becomes accustomed, disinterested bored so quickly as though time was some precious commodity as though years were significant and spending them was a […]

the dummy

Morning checks: -Three bluebird eggs in box 1. -A dummy nest in box 2. House wrens build them. Do they get along, Google? -House wrens may attack bluebird eggs and hatchlings. -House wrens block all available nesting cavities from other birds. -House wrens are territorial up to an acre surrounding their real nest. -House wrens […]


we speak so much excessbefore we learn to hear we are born screamingbut the fortunate die quietly taking longer each day to say much at alllistening to the chorus, not soloists an unexpected peace settling inunspoken, unstriving waking each morningto splendid birdsong

you again

“You’re not leaving me alone down here,” it speaks, calling up from a trench between me and sleep. I try to bypass and ignore, to no avail; I curse and implore, but rest is derailed. I cannot fall asleep so down instead, my soul to keep but not my head. I dig around the edges, […]

Leaving the City (and Subset)

It’s not even a bad ride. The bus doesn’t smell of bodily fluids; no traffic impedes the way. Ahead, a shower of sparks illuminates the silhouettes of overpass workers. Urban rains splash on greasy sidewalks, churning bubbles that slip down puddles. Other drivers crawl along slick streets, peering out as grainy, low-resolution snapshots of themselves […]