At what point Should I confess That I only came here To witness the end of your world? I never intended To fall hopelessly in love With the Earth, as it died Or, especially, with you. How could I know Something fading so quickly Could still be so beautiful That I would rather not leave? […]

you, matter

A statistically unlikely miracle composed of stardust and inexplicable life force, and just one among billions of sweaty, hairy flesh-lumps of mostly water. In control of that miraculous, ordinary body, managing it with your very thoughts, and powerless over countless functions that it carries out within you daily. Loving, happy, brave, kind, selfless, and hateful, […]

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The thing about most of what what you watch, do, and achieve___in an addictive box___is that most people don’t really care___and while they may humor you momentarily___they are often impatient___to get back to their own little boxes___to do their own little things___but remember that we made the boxes___and we choose how to fill them___and whether […]

When I say self-starter

When I say self-starter I mean that I can (and often do) face the desperate emptiness of working to finish Something Important in the margins between daily tedium and stressed slumber at an hour I refuse to check on yet another weeknight churning caffeine, sugar, and bile stinking of the day’s labor and self-pity neglecting […]


When I need to summon my divinity, I prepare a space first, tidied, cleansed, and welcoming. Hot soaking water, icy drinking water, darkness, punctuated with tea lights. Aromas, ambiance, authors. Sometimes, a visitor, nocturnal feline eyes like fireflies, staring uncertainly, whiskers twitching, a familiar unfamiliar with these rites. Rose quartz isn’t a scent. I drop […]


Take comfort, dear. Do you think it’s a coincidence Our lives are filled with cycles? Blink, see the external world, Blink, see the internal world. Breathe, take air in, Breathe, put air out. Jumping, Falling. Seasons coming, Seasons going. On, off, On, off.

A Good Start

The moth was solid white like unwalked snow. I thought it was dead on top the stove. I nudged it with a napkin (similar in color, opposite in elegance) and it barely crawled on top. It did not hesitate to try, though. Better the indignity of this poor man’s magic carpet ride to anywhere than […]

you learn some things

I know better than to call a bad person a vulture as if they would do such work with discarded scraps care so little for how they appear and make such a difference in this messy world I know better than to harm a good person with a joke as if masking unkindness with humor […]

annus mirabilis

It was fortunate that my heart broke in the coldest winter. I became an exposed nerve and did not want to face the full force of grief. There was nowhere to go with layers of snow turning the world into a constricted icebox. And I wasn’t brave enough to go nowhere alone yet. So I […]


No matter your beauty, making the sole source of your self-esteem your physical form over the course of a lifetime is like buying a brand new car and treating it like your savings plan. It depreciates. Bank on other things. That’s not to say that you should treat your body like it does not matter […]

Bootstraps and Facts

Just to offer an alternative perspective to this endless need to prove that we all accomplished everything on our own despite insurmountable odds: I had help. I had a lot of help at various times from my family, friends, neighbors, teachers, colleagues, managers, and total strangers (especially authors). Once I had help from a random […]

Let me know if you need anything

“Let me know if you need anything.” Most people say it automatically. Some people mean it, with caveats. A few just don’t know what else to say in order to stave off an uncomfortable sense of helplessness. But we aren’t them. When I tell you “anything”, you know. I will remote order you dinner when […]

Kids’ Night at the Burger Joint

They’re giving out free balloons, the boy told us eagerly as he left. RED balloons! How nice. Red like MURDER, he added, as his nonplussed mother tugged him away. We went inside anyway. At the table behind us, another boy squirmed screaming at his mobile device DIE DIE DIE while his parents had cocktails and […]

Here’s what you should do.

First, Children listen. Then they contort. Social compression goes unnoticed. Later, they’ll feel the stiffness. But unknotting is harder than stretching. Imagine if they had heard “could” instead. Now adults must unwind balls of stress—themselves. Wondering, “Is any of me left under these wraps?” Seeking the answer bravely, or lacing back up in fear. After […]

night thoughts

I wish I was as still as you steady, peaceful, effortless maybe I spend too much time running or my cradle was rocked too hard maybe nightmares keep me waking or the dread of tomorrow’s alarm yet I’m grateful for your simple slumber soothing, calm, dependable undeterred and undisturbed by my fidgeting and sighing letting […]

Lies I Once Believed

It’s hard being a cynic. Optimists are just naïve. Realists exist. I need to change. I cannot change. People are good. People are bad. I cannot be happy alone. I’m better off alone. I can do it all. I don’t have to choose. Financial stability buys freedom. The real world has no place for art […]

the god of now

You want me to describe my god to you? I’ll make an effort. When I was a child, I was given many things. One was a picture of god as a father and a ruler and a punisher. He helped me, in those early days, to feel safe and behave appropriately. But later, when I […]


I don’t know why people throw away pennies, But I love finding them with you.   Since I met you, nothing feels insignificant: not pennies, not words, not blinks, not breaths.   During the past few years, my goals have simplified: do my best, be here now, make you smile, enjoy our time.   We […]

Trickery, trickery, doc.

Mary had an Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. Mary had an Instagram that nobody followed. But everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went, Everywhere that Mary went, the camera sure did go. – Jack the symbol, Jack the dick, Jack dump and dismantle chicks. – Ice cap ridges melting down, melting down, melting down, Ice cap […]