Re Verse

I was on an island in the Bahamas before hurricane Sandy came my first such trip, saved-for, carefully planned I felt melancholy trying to enjoy my 4 hours ashore before they swept us back onto a cruise ship for an ahead-of-schedule (and utterly miserable) journey home I couldn’t manage enjoyment imagining the fears of island […]

stand in flow

round and round all tends to go pendulum and tides high – low drought followed by hurricane poor stand-ins for sun and rain stumble, learn to moderate feast – famine too soon, too late reject perfection (and its flaws) elect connection and more pause sitting still and letting all flow being boulder no need to […]


as you learn, you will see plainly a songbird scarfs down a butterfly whose fragile wings emerged chrysalis branded with a starvation timer anyway the uneating, eaten by dinosaurs’ heir, with a cheerful chirp you may be tempted in those eat or be eaten days to crawl under your bed and supplant the monster there […]

you, matter

A statistically unlikely miracle composed of stardust and inexplicable life force, and just one among billions of sweaty, hairy flesh-lumps of mostly water. In control of that miraculous, ordinary body, managing it with your very thoughts, and powerless over countless functions that it carries out within you daily. Loving, happy, brave, kind, selfless, and hateful, […]

Block Text

The thing about most of what what you watch, do, and achieve___in an addictive box___is that most people don’t really care___and while they may humor you momentarily___they are often impatient___to get back to their own little boxes___to do their own little things___but remember that we made the boxes___and we choose how to fill them___and whether […]