students overwhelmed spaces at my high school back then its mascot was still “the confederates” when we tried to change the backlash was total that year a lot of rebel flags and angry bumper stickers filled the parking lot horticulture class was in one of the overflow trailers with an attached greenhouse I signed up […]

Lies I Once Believed

It’s hard being a cynic. Optimists are just naïve. Realists exist. I need to change. I cannot change. People are good. People are bad. I cannot be happy alone. I’m better off alone. I can do it all. I don’t have to choose. Financial stability buys freedom. The real world has no place for art […]

The Urban Wilds

Outside near my office in the city, another tree just quit.  When I arrived years ago, there was one dead tree. I remember thinking it looked odd amongst the healthy, manicured ones that lined the sidewalks within perfect squares of dirt. The landscaping surprised and delighted me at first. It just makes me sad now. […]

what we do

behaviors become habits habits earn descriptors descriptors cluster into constellations we call characteristics characteristics compose identity identity changes the course of life I must choose carefully what I repeatedly do though it is easier to start well than remake oneself I still take heart in “growth mindset” nothing is fixed