Therapy Poem 2: Pessimism

Pessimism is one of the hardest forms of suffering. Pessimism is unassuaged by goodness. Pessimism looks a gift horse in the mouth and then punches it. – Pessimism insists on calling badness inevitable and constant and then making it such to perpetuate itself. Pessimism does not allow space for the possibility of improvement. Pessimism rebuffs […]

the dummy

Morning checks: -Three bluebird eggs in box 1. -A dummy nest in box 2. House wrens build them. Do they get along, Google? -House wrens may attack bluebird eggs and hatchlings. -House wrens block all available nesting cavities from other birds. -House wrens are territorial up to an acre surrounding their real nest. -House wrens […]

for better or worse

08.22.2015 – I dreaded facing this date for months. what I used to think was going to happen I do not recognize the girl in that January photograph – physically, emotionally, or otherwise. The end of the relationship was the end of her too.  I don’t mean this as hyperbole.  Nothing causes you to peel off […]