You look. You look like someone. You look like someone I used. You look like someone; I used to. You look like someone I used to know. You look like someone. I used to know who. You look like someone… I used to know who cares. You look. Like someone I used to know, who […]


when I fell in love with the mask it had been worn so long the wearer didn’t know it was there either I made many mistakes and overlooked the peeling at the edges her only mistake was underestimation she grew to understand a self beneath the mask but wouldn’t tell me outright hoping I would […]

How to Be Alone

Before this past April, I had never lived alone. Nor has my brother.  Nor my sister.  Nor most of the close friends I polled today; two did for one month.  I do have a friend who told me months ago that she lived alone for about a year and it was an enlightening experience.  I […]