You ask me who I am Because I asked you if you know Trying to ricochet my question As if I can use this language to define myself Something I didn’t ask you to do I could show you, maybe if you were looking But first reconsider the nature of the question Don’t you know […]

Dream Analysis

What to make of this series? Clouds, stars, disappearing, wish fulfillment, storms, dancing. It’s all just phantasmagoria. but sometimes I wonder if my mind is constantly trying to remind me in my sleep not to care too much not to be too much not to say too much when I awaken

the first

I was standing outside on a hill surrounded by people who were staring at the sky pointing up shouting “there’s mine!” and “there’s yours!” enthusiastically I looked up everywhere, picturesque white clouds the kind that look like luxury and comfort but I learned later in life would actually only feel cold and slightly wet against […]