You look. You look like someone. You look like someone I used. You look like someone; I used to. You look like someone I used to know. You look like someone. I used to know who. You look like someone… I used to know who cares. You look. Like someone I used to know, who […]

Dream Analysis

What to make of this series? Clouds, stars, disappearing, wish fulfillment, storms, dancing. It’s all just phantasmagoria. but sometimes I wonder if my mind is constantly trying to remind me in my sleep not to care too much not to be too much not to say too much when I awaken

the god of now

You want me to describe my god to you? I’ll make an effort. When I was a child, I was given many things. One was a picture of god as a father and a ruler and a punisher. He helped me, in those early days, to feel safe and behave appropriately. But later, when I […]

Word Value

Value of Words 1. Hate isn’t a strong word. Think about how casually everyone uses it. No words are strong anymore. Phrases might be strong, sometimes. If I say, “I hate you and I hope you die” and you know I’m not being sarcastic, then it might be considered strong phrasing. Give me a word, […]

Before I go

They have to go first, please. Sometimes I get angry with myself for having held onto them for too long.  They kept me afloat when storms raged and aglow when skies darkened. For considerable time I couldn’t have released them because they were effective life support. I sustain myself now. Fairness and pain no longer […]