students overwhelmed spaces at my high school back then its mascot was still “the confederates” when we tried to change the backlash was total that year a lot of rebel flags and angry bumper stickers filled the parking lot horticulture class was in one of the overflow trailers with an attached greenhouse I signed up […]

Leaving the City (and Subset)

It’s not even a bad ride. The bus doesn’t smell of bodily fluids; no traffic impedes the way. Ahead, a shower of sparks illuminates the silhouettes of overpass workers. Urban rains splash on greasy sidewalks, churning bubbles that slip down puddles. Other drivers crawl along slick streets, peering out as grainy, low-resolution snapshots of themselves […]


I don’t know why people throw away pennies, But I love finding them with you.   Since I met you, nothing feels insignificant: not pennies, not words, not blinks, not breaths.   During the past few years, my goals have simplified: do my best, be here now, make you smile, enjoy our time.   We […]