the unnumbered

I was dancing I love dancing and my dance partner was my romance partner at the time I said, “I love you” but the response was, “Oh, I’m not in love with you. You’re just the best person I’ve ever met and I don’t want to hurt you.” – When I told my partner about […]


the first

I was standing outside on a hill surrounded by people who were staring at the sky pointing up shouting “there’s mine!” and “there’s yours!” enthusiastically I looked up everywhere, picturesque white clouds the kind that look like luxury and comfort but I learned later in life would actually only feel cold and slightly wet against […]


They say matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed. That is true of our kind. When we pass, our essence is recombined into the living. The deceased are not simply an addition, though; their spirits multiply our own. In this way, we not only carry our ancestors forward, into the future they could not […]