wizard vs therapist (or, therapy poem 4)

when I was a child I wished I was a wizard it took a long time for me to realize humans cannot be trusted with magic greedy, short-sighted, violent I became a therapist instead (after a brief detour) working with those same humans vulnerable, well-meaning, overwhelmed when they say, “I need to process trauma” or […]


the second

I was standing in the doorway that led to the kitchens at my high school on a good day, when teachers sent us to lunch on-time, that’s where we may get in line on bad days, they let us out too late and we wound up in (and down and around) the adjoining halls I […]

mall birds

I tried to free mall birds once. Stock team started our workday before the sun. At that hour, feathered blurs streaked the ceiling with abandon. During breaks, I pondered the unspoken logistics behind keeping droppings from shoppers’ eyes and bags, while plotting to rescue the droppers. My appointment to the post had nothing to do […]