Re Verse

I was on an island in the Bahamas before hurricane Sandy came my first such trip, saved-for, carefully planned I felt melancholy trying to enjoy my 4 hours ashore before they swept us back onto a cruise ship for an ahead-of-schedule (and utterly miserable) journey home I couldn’t manage enjoyment imagining the fears of island […]

you again

“You’re not leaving me alone down here,” it speaks, calling up from a trench between me and sleep. I try to bypass and ignore, to no avail; I curse and implore, but rest is derailed. I cannot fall asleep so down instead, my soul to keep but not my head. I dig around the edges, […]

More Storms

I have always dreamed of storms. For years, I’ve seen them approach. They were unbearably colossal; I feared their size more than their wrath. Sudden and dreadful, they closed off the sun. I was always alone, my insides full of defeat. I dream of them still. But they are different now, as am I. I […]

unbuilt sandcastles

I always have the most obvious dreams… I run with you on a beach and we giggle and play around.  It’s gorgeous.  But you get ahead of me little by little, slipping around bends where I cannot see you.  I start worrying. Suddenly, you aren’t running down the beach anymore, but toward the ocean instead.  […]